Born in Burkina Faso from an African mother and a French Dad, rising star Awa Lemen grew up in a small French city called Rouen, in France.

Her dad being a musician himself, she’s been introducing to the music at an early age and wrote her first song when she was only 13. 

As an independent artist, she learned how to record and mix her songs by herself and claim it proudly with her very first “Self-Made” mixtape released September, 2018 available on every platforms.

Inspired by artists such as Aaliyah, Justin Timberlake, Jhene Aiko and Banks, the public can feel her R&B/Soul influences.

In 2019, Awa release an EP "Volume 1 » which caught the attention of the R&B scene in Toronto where she used to live and allowed her to  participate in various events such as the "Toronto R&B Sound" or the Canadian Festival "Canadian Music Week ". 

Back in France and even more dedicated than ever, Awa recently dropped her hit song " Pop Pop » a song she wrote about being self-confident and to not being dependent on anyone to feel valuable. This powerful message is enlightened by a beautiful music video directed by Marvin Sanzen.

Dedicated to follow her dreams, she has one mission and that is to accomplish her vision of having her talent not only reach but touch people around the world. Her writing brings you in to her life, while her sultry voice makes you feel every emotion that she is going through. Awa is an artist with multiple facets that needs to be followed very closely. 

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